01 our story

Father & son team, Mike and Tucker Short, were born & raised in Lake Highlands in Dallas, Texas.


"My dad built his own house in White Rock Valley when he was just 20 years old and had little to his name - the same home he raised us six kids in." - Tucker Short

With their mutual love for home and family, Mike & Tucker knew they could use their passion for something more. Inspired by the values a home embodies and the memories a home creates, they decided to help others build just that and founded Short Construction Group in 2017.


02 what sets SCG apart

Integrity, quality, communication, and efficiency:


SCG chooses to stay small so they can go big on YOUR project.


This allows Mike or Tucker to be on your job site daily, move quickly & nail timelines.


SCG gives you a high-end build with a boutique feel.


SCG emphasizes open & honest communication throughout the whole process.


Another unique quality of SCG is that we choose to partner with architects and designers instead of having them on staff which allows our clients a means of options and versatility.


"If there is ever a problem or issue we are the first ones to bring it to your attention. In construction, you will always run into obstacles, but it is how you handle those situations that matter."

- Tucker Short




Vice President & Owner

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President & Owner

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